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Odyssey Polymers

Innovative and sustainable fluoropolymer additives
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Our fluoropolymer additives are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Discover our specialized products below.

  • Dispersions

    Fluoropolymer dispersions exhibit and impart a range of impactful properties, enhancing lubrication, mold release, dust suppression, surface energy modification, etc. The unique properties of our colloidal fluoropolymer dispersions make them extremely valuable for a myriad of industrial applications. The absence of fluorosurfactants minimizes environmental impact.

  • Micropowders

    Our PTFE-derived micropowders are the new direction in fluoroadditive technologies. They are the most technologically exacting in the industry, with polymers optimized for end-group chemistry, particle morphology, molecular weight, and particle size precision. And true to the core competency of Odyssey Polymers, they embody our commitment to sustainable fluoropolymer technologies.

  • Polymer Processing Additives (PPAs)

    Polymer Processing Additives (PPAs) are a category of substances specifically designed to enhance the manufacturing and processing of polymers. Incorporated into polymer formulations in relatively small amounts, these additives play a crucial role in optimizing various aspects of polymer processing, such as extrusion, molding, and compounding.

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